Philharmonic – Big Fish EP

Philharmonic – Big Fish EP

Philharmonic – Big Fish EP Download

Philharmonic – Big Fish EP Download. Get ready to groove with Philharmonic‘s latest EP ‘Big Fish’.

Philharmonic needs little or no introduction. He is one of the most iconic vocalists in recent months. So far, his music has been able to penetrate the top of the SA charts and this is as a result of its uniqueness and difference from the usual piano tracks delivered.

This superb collection of bangers is appropriately titled “Big Fish EP” and it sees Philharmonic blast past creative boundaries to remind everyone that he is a force to reckon with in the Amapiano scene.

In just few years in the Amapiano mainstream, Philharmonic has helped shape Amapiano music culture and we are just loving every of his moves. Capturing the 2024 dancefloor, this superb deejay has served us with this hot collection of bangers.

“Big Fish EP” was released through Stena Academy and distributed exclusively by AfriCori. Featuring 7 hefty tracks, this project promises to be a multi-dimensional project that combines music and culture.

Discover a symphony of emotions with our enchanting collection of songs. Each melody is a sweet serenade to the heart, a journey through the harmonious landscapes of music. Let the rhythm of our tunes dance with your soul and take you on a melodious adventure. Tune in and let the magic of music embrace your senses.

Listen to or download “Philharmonic – Big Fish EP” Mp3 for free on Afrikhub. Stay tuned for more songs, videos, albums, mixes and lyrics.

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  1. Philharmonic – Kuzoba Moja (feat. ProSoul & Silas Africa)
  2. Philharmonic – Isencane lengane (feat. AMAQHAWE & Silas Africa)
  3. Philharmonic – Dali Nguwe (feat. AMAQHAWE & Lokzin Keys)
  4. Philharmonic – Shona Khona (feat. TNK MusiQ & W4DE)
  5. Philharmonic & Nandipha808 – Wamulaba (feat. Ceeka RSA, Gaziba & Pushkin RSA)
  6. Philharmonic – As’desheni (feat. Gaziba, Viper.012 & W4DE)
  7. Philharmonic & Nandipha808 – Amaphutha Amaningi (feat. DeeStar)


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