Laud, Stanky DeeJay, Rome & Mercibella – Hope

Laud & Stanky DeeJay – Up To No Good Album

Laud & Stanky DeeJay – Up To No Good Album Download

Embark on a wild and infectious sonic adventure with Laud & Stanky DeeJay‘s “Up To No Good Album,” a thrilling collection that defies musical norms and invites listeners into a realm of unabashed energy and creativity. This album isn’t just a compilation; it’s a sonic escapade, where Laud and Stanky DeeJay serve as the mischievous architects, crafting beats that are rebellious and melodies that are euphoric.

From the very first track, “Up To No Good” unfolds as a sonic rollercoaster, with beats that are like adrenaline-fueled twists and turns, and melodies that are a fusion of chaos and harmony. Laud & Stanky DeeJay showcase their prowess in creating an album that is both edgy and irresistibly groovy, challenging the boundaries of conventional sound.

As you delve into the album, each track becomes a unique chapter in this musical escapade. Some beats are like sonic pranks, surprising the listener with unexpected turns, while others are melodic revelries, inviting everyone to join the musical mischief. “Up To No Good” is a testament to Laud & Stanky DeeJay‘s ability to infuse fun and excitement into every note, creating an album that is an auditory carnival.

This album is not just an auditory experience; it’s an invitation to join in the mischief. Laud & Stanky DeeJay beckon you to embrace the rebellious beats and dance to the infectious melodies. “Up To No Good” is an album that transcends musical norms, offering a wild ride where beats and melodies collide in a symphony of playful chaos.

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Prepare to be captivated, exhilarated, and thoroughly entertained by the electrifying sounds of “Up To No Good Album.” Laud & Stanky DeeJay‘s creation is more than an album; it’s a celebration of musical mischief, where beats are the pranks, melodies are the laughter, and every track is a thrilling ride into the world of audacious sound. Let the music be your guide as you join the exhilarating escapade of “Up To No Good”—where every note is a mischievous delight, and the entire album is an invitation to revel in the joy of musical mischief.


  1. Laud, Stanky DeeJay & DJ Jaivane – 50
  2. Laud, Stanky DeeJay, Rome & Mercibella – Hope
  3. Laud & Stanky DeeJay – 70
  4. Laud & Stanky DeeJay – 73
  5. Laud, Stanky DeeJay & Stakev – Thela Rekere
  6. Laud, Stanky DeeJay, Kammu Dee & Sanzasoul – Why You Angry
  7. Laud & Stanky DeeJay – 12

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