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Step into the rhythmic wilderness of Kelvin Momo‘s ‘Kurhula’ album, where each track is a sonic safari through the untamed beauty of Amapiano. This album is not just a collection of beats; it’s a musical expedition into the heart of rhythm, where the pulse of each note echoes like the call of wild creatures in the night.

‘Kurhula’ is more than an album; it’s a journey through the rich landscapes of Amapiano, where Kelvin Momo serves as the guide, leading you through a sonic tapestry painted with the vibrant hues of beats and melodies. The album is a rhythmic celebration, an exploration of the genre’s vast terrain, and an invitation to lose yourself in the dance.

Kelvin Momo‘s expert craftsmanship shines in each composition, creating a symphony that captures the essence of Amapiano’s spirit. The beats are like tribal drums, echoing through the listener’s soul, while the melodies are the whispers of the wind carrying tales of rhythm and joy.

As you immerse yourself in ‘Kurhula,’ each track becomes a chapter in this musical adventure. Some beats are like hidden springs of energy, bubbling up and inviting you to dance, while others are serene pools of melody, providing moments of reflection. Kelvin Momo’s sonic landscape is diverse, offering a palette of emotions painted with the brushes of beats and the strokes of harmonies.

‘Kurhula’ is not just an album; it’s an invitation to experience the heartbeat of Amapiano. Kelvin Momo invites you to traverse the rhythmic savannas, dance beneath the starlit skies, and feel the pulse of the music coursing through your veins. This album is a testament to the power of Amapiano to evoke emotion, capture the imagination, and create a sonic sanctuary where rhythm reigns supreme. Get ready for a spicy adventure as ‘Kurhula’ unfolds its beats, inviting you to a dancefloor safari where Kelvin Momo is your guide through the wild wonders of Amapiano.

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  1. Kelvin Momo – Duze ft. Yallunder & Makhanj
  2. Kelvin Momo – Tears of a Black Man ft. Rams De Violinist
  3. Kelvin Momo & Stixx – Trilogy ft. Mzizi
  4. Kelvin Momo – Tintsumi ft. Xolani Guitars, Malvin & Manu
  5. Kelvin Momo – Hlokomela ft. Stixx & Jay Sax
  6. Kelvin Momo – Mbali Wam ft. Brandon Dhludhlu
  7. Kelvin Momo – Themba Iam ft. Reed & Nvcho
  8. Kelvin Momo – Ntsako ft. Zwayetoven & Manji-T
  9. Kelvin Momo – Khawleza ft. Makhanj
  10. Kelvin Momo & Stixx – Violin Sounds ft. Zwayetoven & Rams De Violinist
  11. Kelvin Momo – Kurhula ft. Cnethemba Gonelo
  12. Kelvin Momo & Sjava – Uthando
  13. Kelvin Momo & Stixx – Uku Khanya ft. Yallunder & Umthakathi Kush
  14. Kelvin Momo & Stixx – Wa Nsiya ft. Mzizi
  15. Kelvin Momo – Ikhaya Iam ft. Babalwa M, Yallunder & Makhanj
  16. Kelvin Momo & Babalwa M – Amalobolo ft. Stixx & Nia Pearl
  17. Kelvin Momo – Amanxeba ft. Cnethemba Gonelo
  18. Kelvin Momo – Yeee ft. Zwayetoven & Manji-T
  19. Kelvin Momo & Stixx – New Day
  20. Kelvin Momo – Jz56wv
  21. Kelvin Momo – 290B
  22. Kelvin Momo – Kukama
  23. Kelvin Momo – Montana
  24. Kelvin Momo & Stixx – East and South 2.0
  25. Kelvin Momo & Stixx – Freaks
  26. Kelvin Momo – Iqiniso ft. Mashudu
  27. Kelvin Momo – Injabulo ft. MJ

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