Citizen Sthee – Black Magic (Groove Mix) Album

Citizen Sthee – Black Magic (Groove Mix) Album

Citizen Sthee – Black Magic (Groove Mix) Album Download

Prepare to be enchanted as Citizen Sthee, the maestro of groove, unveils a spellbinding masterpiece with his latest creation, “Black Magic (Groove Mix)” album. This isn’t just an album; it’s a mystical journey through pulsating beats and enchanting melodies, a sonic potion that captivates and compels.

In “Black Magic (Groove Mix),” Citizen Sthee reveals himself as a sonic sorcerer, weaving an enchanting tapestry of rhythms and beats that defy the ordinary. Each track is a groove-laden spell, meticulously crafted to entrance the listener into a world where the dance floor becomes a mystical realm.

Citizen Sthee‘s sonic incantations in this album transcend the boundaries of conventional music. “Black Magic (Groove Mix)” is a conjuration of beats that bewitch the senses, each note a magical utterance that casts a spell, summoning the listener into a state of rhythmic trance.

The melodies in this album are not just notes; they are mystical melodies that resonate with an otherworldly energy. Citizen Sthee’s artistry transforms sound into a language of enchantment, where every tune is a portal to a dimension where the magic of music reigns supreme.

Step onto the dance floor, where Citizen Sthee reigns as the wizard of groove. “Black Magic (Groove Mix)” turns the dance floor into a sacred space, a ceremonial ground where bodies move in rhythmic harmony, spellbound by the irresistible allure of the music.

This album is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a spellbinding journey. Citizen Sthee invites you to surrender to the magic, to let the groove be your guide as you traverse through the mystical landscapes of “Black Magic (Groove Mix).” It’s a journey that transcends the mundane and embraces the extraordinary.

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Are you ready to unite with the groove wizards? “Black Magic (Groove Mix)” beckons you to join the mystical congregation, to become one with the rhythm and let the magic of the music consume you. Citizen Sthee has crafted not just an album but a sonic grimoire that invites you to partake in the sorcery of sound.



  1. Citizen Sthee & King Deetoy – Black Magic (Groove Mix)
  2. Citizen Sthee & Shenflex_Deep SA – Born in January (Groove Mix)
  3. Citizen Sthee & C-Blak – City of China (Groove Mix)
  4. Citizen Sthee & Bee-Bar – Goliath (Groove Mix)
  5. Citizen Sthee & Rams Teque – Tears of africa (Groove Mix)
  6. Citizen Sthee & Amen Deep T – Beautiful (Groove Mix)
  7. Citizen Sthee & 8nine Muzique – Zulu dance (Groove Mix)
  8. Citizen Sthee & Deep Essentials – Bouncing yard (Groove Mix)
  9. Citizen Sthee & LucaSoul – Sink or Swim (Groove Mix)
  10. Citizen Sthee & Blac Tears – Blade (Groove Mix)
  11. Citizen Sthee & Ed-Ward – Say Something (Groove Mix)
  12. Citizen Sthee, MusiQ Monks & EL Moro – My Old Days (Groove Mix)
  13. Citizen Sthee & LarMo – Black Citizens (Groove Mix)
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