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ALBUM: DJ Bongz – Elevation

DJ Bongz – Elevation Album Download

Prepare for a musical odyssey that transcends the ordinary as DJ Bongz, the master of beats, propels you to new heights with his electrifying creation, the “Elevation” album. This isn’t just an album; it’s a sonic ascension, a journey through rhythmic landscapes that defy gravity and elevate the soul. “Elevation” is DJ Bongz’s magnum opus, a collection of tracks that catapults you to the rhythmic pinnacle. Each beat is a step higher, each melody an elevation of the senses. DJ Bongz orchestrates a symphony that resonates with the heartbeat of musical transcendence.

Feel the surge of elevated vibes coursing through your veins. “Elevation” is more than an album; it’s a sonic elixir that energizes the spirit. DJ Bongz infuses every track with a contagious energy, inviting you to surrender to the dance of elevation on the pulsating dance floor. “Elevation” doesn’t just break boundaries; it soars beyond musical horizons. DJ Bongz effortlessly blends genres, creating a sonic fusion that defies categorization. The album is an exploration of sound where innovation and elevation reign supreme.

Embark on a sonic uprising with DJ Bongz as your guide. “Elevation” is not just an auditory experience; it’s a rebellion against the mundane. The beats revolt, and the melodies defy gravity, inviting you to join the uprising and ascend to new realms of musical ecstasy. DJ Bongz conducts a symphony of elevation where every note is a crescendo, and every drop propels you higher. The album is a testament to his mastery, a declaration that DJ Bongz is not just a DJ; he’s an architect of sonic elevation.

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Are you ready to elevate your soul? “Elevation” beckons you to surrender to the beats, to lose yourself in the melodies that lift you higher. DJ Bongz extends an invitation to a dance of elevation where the music is the guide, and the journey is limitless.


  1. DJ Bongz, Afro Toxic & Ubani – Ngafelu Bala
  2. DJ Bongz – Awung’fanele
  3. DJ Bongz, Stoorne, Ayarh Soul, Deeh & Akim – Drive
  4. DJ Bongz – Emotion (feat. Hessy)
  5. DJ Bongz – Ekhaya (feat. Thobz)
  6. DJ Bongz & Drega – Meme
  7. DJ Bongz & Drega – Fooling Me
  8. DJ Bongz & Thobza – Kardashian’s
  9. DJ Bongz, Dlala & Funkyqlar – Hey Sister
  10. DJ Bongz, Mondli Ngcobo, Skywanda & Skills – It’s Over Boy
  11. DJ Bongz & Thobza – Omega
  12. DJ Bongz & Stoorne – Mosquito


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