ALBUM: DJ Gizo – Ngithule

DJ Gizo – Ngithule Album

DJ Gizo – Ngithule Album Download

DJ Gizo – Ngithule Album: Prepare to be enchanted by the soul-stirring sounds of DJ Gizo as he unveils his highly anticipated album, “Ngithule”. This captivating musical journey takes listeners on a sonic exploration of soulful sounds, rich melodies, and infectious rhythms. From start to finish, “Ngithule” showcases DJ Gizo’s exceptional talent and his ability to craft music that resonates deep within the soul “Ngithule” is a collection of songs that blend various genres and influences, resulting in a truly unique and captivating listening experience. From the mesmerizing melodies to the infectious rhythms, every aspect of the album is crafted with care and passion. So, dive into the enchanting world of “Ngithule” and let DJ Gizo’s music transport you to a place of pure musical bliss.

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  1. DJ Gizo – Ngithule (feat. NoxieKay, Mazet SA & MuziQALstheh)
  2. DJ Gizo – Ikhaya’lam (feat. Mduduzi Ncube, Vocks, Mvzzle & JayPee DaKing)
  3. DJ Gizo – Lotto (feat. M.J, Mabulala Channas, Bukiz Keys & AJ LEE)
  4. DJ Gizo – Ng’hlambulele (feat. King Grizzy, Jay Bucks & MasterJoz)
  5. DJ Gizo – Isibane (feat. Drip Gogo, Mazet & DJ Mboniiey)
  6. DJ Gizo – Katileleziko (feat. Sessy, Dj Obza & Eight08_ICU Beats)
  7. DJ Gizo – Etshwaleni (feat. Manana Highness, Bunny Energizer & MuziQALstheh)
  8. DJ Gizo – Sphiwo sam (feat. DJ Obza, Mazet & JayPee DaKing)
  9. DJ Gizo – Ngiyak’Thanda (feat. Bunny Energizer)
  10. DJ Gizo – Saka (feat. Bukzin Keys)
  11. DJ Gizo – Yoguetta (feat. Bukzin Keys)
  12. DJ Gizo – Unamanga Usatane (feat. God’s Son, Krusher KR & MuziQALstheh)
  13. DJ Gizo – Foreva Yena ft. SnowFlakes, Krusher KR & Manana Highness
  14. DJ Gizo – Diroba ft. Eight08_ICU Beats
  15. DJ Gizo – MeGa Bass ft. Pablo Le Bee
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