Airplane was created specifically to fly people and goods from one destination to another, by air. So also cars and every other great creatures and products alike.
This book (from Root to Apex) is intended to help move Africans from (mass) poverty to (mass) richness. It is about having the right knowledge. The author believes that the citizen of this country -Nigeria and other Africans all over the continent, for ages has been empowered with “knowledge” that will surely and perpetually keep the citizens and the Continent in abject poverty, severely underdeveloped while few individuals are enriched. The knowledge we have come to cherish and treasure has badly affected us, that the height of confusion it created has made well-thinking-few asking root questions.

Throughout the continent of Africa for centuries, we have been heavily influenced by mainly two books – the Bible and Quran.

The difference between the Master and the Slave is the knowledge/secrets the Master have that the Slave don’t. The aim of his book is straight; it is to introduce wealthy knowledge into our land in such a manner that has never been experienced anywhere in our world. The knowledge here will positioned us (Africans) originally to who we are, -wealthy people.

The author, so much in love with the total elimination of poverty, generated specific knowledge to eliminate the poor knowledge that was introduced and injuriously circulated in our country/continent for ages. This is in line with the Authors’ philosophy of “born into a poor country but die in a rich country.” Check out the author’s projects on

The author left no stone unturned, in his book – From Root to Apex, to answer the question of “reason for his country’s poverty?” He also provided specific answer for the richness of this country/continent. The book -From Root to Apex, is the Symbol of African Wealth and Power. He provided clear answer to the disturbing question of where we are coming from, where we are now and where we should go as Nigerians/Africans. All chapters takes us to richness as citizens.

Let us challenge ourselves as citizens, now that we have finally gotten the specific knowledge that will pull us out of poverty and put us among the wealthy countries in the world. How fast can we circulate this knowledge among ourselves? Let our attitude display our long time hunger and waiting for freedom and wealth of our people. If one percent of our population consume the knowledge in this book, their minds will be liberated and become creative to build a wealthy nation within a shortest time. How much quickest action can we take? Don’t just get a copy for yourself alone but for everyone around you as much you can!

From Root To Apex